Mission Perfect Cup: The Coffee Utility Belt

Oct 23, 2009|
The Coffee Utility Belt

Now that youve learned about the Coffee Villains and Superheroes, youre getting closer to brewing the perfect cup. By building your Coffee Utility Belt, you will be armed with the tools to save coffee one cup at a time.

Hydrator (aka The Right Water) Coffee is over 98% water so good-tasting water is an important tool for a great cup. Any odors or tastes in your water will carry over to your coffee. If you use city or well water, you may want to try using a water filtration system or bottled water. Can you taste a difference?

In addition, extremely hard or soft water can really make a difference in your coffee. Water with a high mineral content can quickly build up in your brewer requiring more cleaning. If your water is too soft, it may delay the extraction process or cause overflow issues in your funnel. If this should happen, you can contact Customer Service (link to Customer Service page) for a flow restrictor sprayhead.

Microblaster (aka Proper Cleaning & Maintenance) When was the last time you cleaned your brewer? Making sure that your brewer is clean and free from lime and hard water deposits will extend the life of your brewer and help it brew at its best. We highly recommend washing your decanter and funnel after each use as well as periodic cleaning at least every three months.

>Find more information about proper cleaning and maintenance here.

Extractor (aka Filters) Using a high quality filter will help you extract the best taste from your coffee beans. BUNN filters are designed to handle the water flow from your brewer and properly float the grounds for good extraction. Some filters may impart flavor into your coffee or cause overflow issues with BUNN brewers ruining a potentially perfect cup of coffee.

Remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Youve defeated the Coffee Villains, learned from the Coffee Superheroes and built a strong Coffee Utility Belt. However, your mission of saving coffee one cup at a time has only just begun. Spread the word and help your friends and family brew great coffee!


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