Mission Perfect Cup: The Coffee Villains

Oct 20, 2009|
You can join our mission to save coffee one cup at a time! Participate in Mission Perfect Cup to learn about easy steps you can take to enjoy coffee at its best.

The Coffee Villains

Did you know that coffee starts to go stale not long after roasting? Proper storage of your coffee can help you protect your coffee from the coffee villains and help your cup of java reach its full potential.

Air Exposing coffee to air (whether whole bean or ground) greatly increases coffee deterioration that can affect the flavor of your coffee. Buying coffee in vacuum sealed bags or cans will minimize damage while sitting on the store shelf. Once you open the original container, transfer your coffee to an air-tight container or roll up the top of the bag (forcing out as much air as possible) and seal the bag with tape or a rubber band.

Heat & Cold Extreme temperatures can damage your coffee. Therefore, avoid storing your beans or grounds above hot appliances or in the refrigerator.

Light Harsh light will reduce freshness. If you keep your coffee in a glass canister, store it in a cabinet or dark location.

Moisture Coffee is delicate and water soluble so exposure to moisture can change the flavor and dilute your coffee. An air tight container will help lock-out humidity. Also, moisture is another reason to not put your coffee in the refrigerator your coffee will soak up the moisture and any not-so pleasant refrigerator smells.


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