National Coffee Break Day

Jan 20, 2011|

Today, January 20th, has been deemed National Coffee Break day by the NCA (National Coffee Association). One part of NCA's total promotion that we found particularly interesting was the conversation starter, "Who would you invite to your very own personal coffee break?"

To help celebrate the day, we roamed the halls of our headquarters in Springfield, Illinois, USA, and asked some brave BUNN employees who they would like to invite to their very own personal coffee break. We put the answers in a fun video montage. You don't want to miss the original coffee music and lyrics by Marc Black!

BUNN employees consider it an honor to be a part of quality in the cup for our customers all over the world. If you are a customer, thank you for entrusting BUNN quality to the final minutes of the coffee cycle. If you are not, we have the coffee maker for you!

Do you have a top choice for a coffee break companion? Click here to share your choice on the Coff-E-Talk discussion forum at An email address will get you registered, but then you will be able to participate in any of the coffee discussions moving forward.

To learn more about National Coffee Break Day visit:


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