Single Cup Buzz, Tired Feet and Burrito from a Truck

Apr 17, 2010|
SCAA 2010 Expo Opens!

What a difference a day makes. On Wednesday night, Kris and I decided to take a stroll over to our booth areas to take a photo for the BUNN Flickr SCAA Scrapbook (I will be uploading more pics later today but I need to get to the show floor) . While waiting momentarily to fix a glitch with our badges--for all you other newbies be sure that your booth clearly says Exhibitor if you qualify for such because they really do expect you to swipe your card for floor access--we talked about great intentions of titling the photo "All Quiet on the Western Front." Get it? We are in Anaheim, CA, and went expecting to see pre-show polished booth areas sitting quietly before the doors open to thousands of Event attendees. Silly girls. We see all booth reps furiously at work taking care of last minute details. In fact, we almost got run over by a forklift doing 35mph down one of the main aisles as we were staring around in wonderment at it all. The driver was not appreciative at all of the fact that we are relatively new to this scene.

Shift to Thursday and official opening day. We walk in to a completely transformed and gleaming Exhibit area. Flat screen TVs, back lit panels, churning machines and the slight hum of last minute vacuuming.

We walked to BUNN booths 2069 and 2169 to see if we could pitch-in somewhere and the next thing we know we are limping back to our hotel room at 7:30pm seeking the immediate relief of some anti-pain medication to soothe our aching feet. Seriously, that's how crazy it was. Notably, the buzz around booth 2169 was similar to the turbulence in the chamber of one of our newest products. It felt good to see such a variety of people staring, inquiring, tasting, photographing...talking. A lot of talking.

After about 7 or 8 crazy, non-stop hours, we were glad to be able to stand still even if it was for 20 seconds on the escalator ride up to the second floor of the convention center to the CoffeeKids reception. ( Note to self: For next trade show, remember that the bag you bring to carry all the SWAG is not nearly as important as the thickness of your insoles.) Talk about a great organization. Makes you realize that while we may be marketplace competitors, we can still work together for great causes that ensure the longevity of the industry.

After a quick costume change, Kris and I headed back to the convention center to catch a shuttle ride to an off-site reception at Intelligentsia Roasting Works in North L.A., an event co-sponsored by Urnex. The 45-minute bus ride offered us the opportunity to take, yet again, a fly-on-the-wall approach to some interesting conversations. Best was probably the riders in front of our seat who mentioned they planned on attending the Saturday morning panel discussion I would be moderating, "I'll have Twitter and YouTube in my Coffee." (see picture of panel at right) Hey, @JS_Starbucks thanks for following a late night by attending. Really, it is very much appreciated.

As we walked around the reception, we may have been a little bit out of our corporate element (yes, that was meant to be funny), but it was great to continue to see the variety of people who move in the world of coffee. We ended the long day with a perfect awesome made-to-order burrito from a truck. If you haven't read about this California phenomenon, do some online research and you will get the idea. Thanks to Intelligentsia and to Urnex for a great time and great goodie bags. Can't wait to try the coffee in a certain new single serve platform.

It was a good thing we decided to indulge in the burrito, because we ended our night sitting in the also-famous (infamous?) California 5 traffic on the way back to Anaheim. But it gave us a good opportunity to reflect on pretty darn good day.


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