Women in Coffee Meet in Uganda

Nov 24, 2009
The International Womens Coffee Alliance (IWCA) along with the International Trade Center (ITC) and Eastern African Fine Coffee Association (EAFCA) held the first African women in coffee workshop entitled Promoting Possibilities in Kampala, Uganda, Africa November 18-20. The program was designed around the following 7 key principles:

Convey the impact of coffee on women
Develop support structures for gender equality in coffee
Accelerate the transfer of knowledge among IWCA Chapters
Identify best approach in building IWCA-Chapters
Equip Women with Business Management Principles
Educate Women with Technical Coffee Competence
Foster Teamwork and Global Collaboration

A small group of select participants represented a broad scope of women leaders engaged in different aspects of coffee from 10 EAFCA countries (Kenya, Ethiopia, Burundi, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania ) In addition participants from Liberia and Cameroun attended," says Phyllis Johnson, co-chair of the International Womens Coffee Alliance International Relations Committee.

From Phyllis Johnson, co-chair of the IWCA International Relations Committee, came a note and touching photo from the conference.

What a blessing it was to be in Uganda ...Kids in the country side were so kind to allow me to take their photo. In return I offered to purchase items at the local candy shop across from their school. They didn't select candy--they selected boiled eggs, bread, and corn.

Lina Chiodo of BUNN sent the following message of support.


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