2011 Womens Foodservice Forums Executive Summit

Sep 14, 2011|

Desiree Logsdon, BUNN VP of Marketing, recaps her visit to the 2011 WFF's Executive Summit that took place at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino  in Las Vegas from September 11-13.

Food Service Executives gathered in Las Vegas this week for the 2011 Womens Foodservice Forums Executive Summit.  Attendees enthusiastically embraced the line-up of impressive presenters.

The event opened with a keynote address from Carla Cooper, CEO and President of Daymon Worldwide.  Carla discussed the challenges she encountered on her path to the C-suite and reminded the group that everything about you speaks when you are in a leadership position.

Herb Meyer, Vice Chairman of the CIAs National Intelligence Council presented an insightful presentation on trends in the global economy.  Mr. Meyer discussed declining global birth rates and the effect that will have on the world-wide economy.  It takes a birth rate of 2.1 to sustain a society.  Seven countries now have a birth rate of 1.3, which he termed a suicide number in which populations cant maintain themselves.  Bottom line-the world is getting older and older consumers dont spend like younger consumers.  He attributes this as one of the factors to a slow recovery for the recession.  A second key point from Mr. Meyer was the trend toward the emergence of a global middle class for the first time in history.  His research indicates that more people are emerging from poverty more quickly than ever before.

Harry Kraemer, Executive Partner with Madison Dearborn and former CEO of Baxter, led an interesting session on Value-Based leadership.  He shared with the audience that the path to becoming an effective leader involves four key elements; simplify an idea before you articulate it, use common sense in all matters, start your path to leadership before you have people reporting to you and make yourself better tomorrow than you were today.  His model for leadership includes daily self-reflection, balance, true self-confidence and genuine humility.

Mitchell Petersen, Glen Vasel Professor of Finance closed the first day of programming with a discussion on the state of the global economy.  He discussed the value of looking at global financial history as a predictor of future performance.  Mr. Petersen sited many reasons for the financial crisis including greedy bankers, incompetent regulators, corrupt politicians, cleverly naive investors and consumers without budget constraints.

Day two of the Summit opened with an interesting keynote address from Jim Murren, President and CEO of MGM Grand Inc.  Mr. Murren discussed the challenges associated with the City Center project in Las Vegas.  Construction on the project began as the economy declined.  Through his strong leadership and determination, City Center opened last year against all odds.

The conference concluded with a detailed financial presentation, What is the Link between Strategy and Ethical Value Creation.  Marion Powers, Adjunct Professor of Accounting, Kellogg School of Management, discussed the best practices of high performing companies.  She led the group through a thorough discussion of the common characteristics of high performing organizations.

Congratulations to the Womens Foodservice Forum for a highly-successful and educational event.  The foodservice industry benefits greatly as you continue your mission to elevate women leaders.  Members will look forward to the Annual Leadership Development Conference, April 22-25, 2012 in Dallas, TX.  


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