Bean to Cup and Espresso Webinars with Rusty Angell

Aug 8, 2016|

Take advantage of two complimentary webinars hosted by Rusty Angell, BUNN Field Correspondent and Specialty Coffee Association Level 2 Barista and Educator, on Wednesday, August 9, and Thursday, August 10. The one-hour webinars will be hosted in the new Beverage Lab and will highlight the BUNN Espress® Sure Tamp® Superautomatic and the new BUNN Sure Immersion®.

The first webinar will begin at 2pm CDT on August 9, and provide an introduction to the BUNN Espress® Sure Tamp® Superautomatic machine. Rusty will also cover the basics of espresso and drink building by teaching how to distinguish, by sight, a good-versus-improper espresso extraction and gain the skills to diagnose your espresso shots and milk steaming.

The second webinar will begin at 2pm CDT on August 10, and feature an introductory look at the new BUNN Sure Immersion®. The BUNN Sure Immersion® creates a fresh, single serving of premium coffee quickly, easily, distinctively. With just three finger presses on the intuitive 10” touchscreen, choose between two beans types, the size of brew, and one last press starts the brew. Rusty will demonstrate the features of the BUNN Sure Immersion® and discuss how the BUNN Sure Immersion® can enhance your coffee program.

Register for one or both of these complimentary webinars by visiting this link: Webinar Registration



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