The Customer is the Center for Everything We Do

Sep 5, 2014

The BUNN company mission is clearly defined. The process of how we go about achieving the mission is continuously studied and plotted on a guiding roadmap. Our final destination on the map is also clearly defined: providing the highest quality products, the most comprehensive service and support and the best total value to both our global commercial customers and our home consumers. The fuel that propels us throughout the journey are the core values of honesty, integrity and courtesy.

The hub around which this all revolves? The center that keeps us focused? The customer.

The vehicle that guides us around our hub is the BUNN Quality Management System (QMS) which is led by Dr. Steve Brown, Chief Quality Officer.

Steve, who came to BUNN in 2013, earned his PhD in Reliability Engineering from the University of Maryland and owns 33 years of experience in the field. Prior to joining the BUNN team, Steve spent eight years at Lennox International & Trane Commercial before working 25 years in the automotive industry.

“Quality is defined as conformance to requirements. I believe in this statement because it implies we interface with you to define the voice of the customer for performance expectations that will help us become your partner of choice, wherever or however they do business around the world.”

-Dr. Steve Brown, Chief Quality Officer

Click here to learn more about our Quality Management System.


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