Equipment Images Available in PNG Format

Oct 9, 2013|

In modern Internet times, pictures and graphics have become an integral part of web development. With steadily-increasing network speeds, it may be tempting to incorporate large, bold images in an attempt to stand-out in the sea of content. But the fact is small, quick-loading web graphics are still the life-blood of most HTML pages. Formats such as JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Groups) and GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) have been used since the beginning of the Internet, and are still popular today. But in the past decade, a new file type has emerged in web graphic standards.

Portable Network Graphic or PNG quietly entered the web scene in the latter part of the 1990s and became a preferred graphic of choice for many web developers. PNG files provide web developers a compact format that not only delivers quick loading speeds, but also high quality color and clarity. Unlike GIF, it cannot provide animation but does produce a smaller, higher quality image in a static format. The real bonus that makes PNG a popular choice is that it can be saved with a transparent background and therefore provides flexibility in graphic positioning and design. PNG files have also begun to replace standard JPEG graphics for large-format image downloads. These larger images can then be used in presentations or added to a number of graphic layout programs.

Last year, BUNN decided to revise our Product Gallery layout on so that it was more intuitive for our re-sellers to easily locate and download equipment images for use in custom selling materials. As a phase of that revision, full access to all commercial equipment images is now available in PNG format. To access downloadable images of BUNN equipment, use the following instructions:

At, click on the Commercial button in the upper-left corner (below BUNN logo).

Click on the first option of Products from the menu on the left side bar of the Commercial page.

You will now be in the BUNN Product Gallery and can choose to search for a product by Category or Alphabetically.

If you are unfamiliar with the naming structure of BUNN machines, you may select By Category that lists all products by the beverage description.

If you know the name of the machine you are looking for, then select Search Alphabetically in bright red at the top of the page. Selecting this item will direct your browser to the alphabetical listing of all BUNN machines currently in production. We will describe this method from this point on.

Using the alphabetically listing page, you may now select either the corresponding alphabetical letter of the machine you desire, or scroll downward until the desired machine name appears.

Once the machine name is found, click it. The web browser will be directed to the Specification page for the selected machine.

Select the Images tab to the far right of the center graphic. Selecting the tab will reveal three graphic download options.

Right clicking (control-clicking on Mac systems) on the PNG button will reveal a pop-up menu.

From this menu, select the Save Link As... (or perform the appropriate right-click save process in your preferred browser). Once selected, another pop-up menu will open requiring action on your part to save the document in your preferred locationNow that you have your desired image, it can be used in a number of ways, from presentations to web graphics. By clicking and saving BUNN images in this manor, you agree to our Terms & Conditions of Use, which is standard protocol for a majority of web sites.


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