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Dec 20, 2016

Almost everyone has made a purchase at a chain restaurant at some point. In fact, it is most likely that an individual has made purchases from multiple restaurants of the same chain of restaurants. Generally, the food will taste the same across a chain, with the main difference from one place to another being the service. However, there is one other difference that may be encountered: sometimes it may be found that a favorite beverage tastes a little “off”, and differs significantly from one place to another.

There is a simple reason for the difference in taste: the water. As most beverages are made largely of water, with soda fountain drinks being about 84% water, coffee being about 98.5% water and tea being about 99% water, it is easy to understand that if there is an unfavorable element to the local water supply, then everything that uses that water in its recipe will be affected. Water can be considered safe to drink, and yet have an unpleasant taste. Many community water supplies are infamous for providing water with a sulfurous back-odor, or with a taste of chlorine or some other disinfectant chemical.

Fortunately, there is also a relatively simple solution to such problems: water filtration. There are filtration systems that will remove the smell and off-taste from water. There are filtration systems that will reduce water hardness (thus extending the life of beverage dispensing equipment), and which will remove sediment from water. There are filtration systems to do all these things, and more.

With the right water filtration system, a business will ensure that everything created with the water used in food and beverage preparation will have no unexpected variation in taste or look, and that the water is safe both for equipment and consumption.

BUNN has a complete line of water filtration products that can accommodate the needs of almost any foodservice business. To ensure that the water used in food and beverage production in your business is all that it should be, consider this next step in your partnership with BUNN and view all that BUNN has to offer in water filtration here.


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