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Mar 2, 2015

If you have arrived at our commercial product offerings on and  you are seeking additional information about a product, the tips & tricks below will help you navigate to the information you are looking for.

 Our product offerings are displayed in a grid view.   This view was designed to allow you to quickly compare top-level information. For more detailed information about a specific product, we have offered a few options of getting there.


  1. CLICK on the product image and you will be directed to a page with details and specifics about that model.

  2. Click QUICKVIEW.   A box with additional details about the product will open. If you are interested in even more specific details, you can click FULL DETAILS button and be directed to a page with specifics about that model.

  3. If you want to compare products, CHECK the COMPARE box under the quickview button. You must check this box for every model you would like to compare.   Next click the COMPARE button located in left navigation.   A side-by-side comparison of specifications and features for the models you have selected will appear on the screen.

We hope the tips above are useful in guiding your journey on


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