Forward Looking

May 18, 2016

When Bunn-O-Matic Corporation was founded in 1957, the primary manufacturing concerns involved the consistent production of the best cup of coffee via the most efficient means. Over the course of the last half-century the kinds and types of beverage production equipment have grown dramatically --- and just as significantly, these machines have moved from being primarily “tools” for employees kept at the back of the store, to being front-of-the-store showpieces often used directly by customers. Recognizing that today’s equipment needs to be visually enticing, yet simple to use while robust in functionality, BUNN has worked closely with customers and a world class product design team to develop an exciting new look and style.

Prominent in BUNN’s new equipment designs are flower-petal inspired shapes, blending soft, inviting curves into sleek straight lines and chamfered edges, with an emphasis on the contrast of light and dark colors, culminating in a refined and distinctive styling.

The first BUNN machine to be launched with this new look is the ‘BUNN refresh’ --- BUNN’s entry into the cold water dispenser market. The styling of the ‘BUNN refresh’ includes an open, large radii face which is inviting and refined, and provides intuitive visual cues to user-interaction points. ‘BUNN refresh’ is designed to reveal sleekness, ease-of-use and access, and premium quality.

A furtherance of BUNN’s evolutionary change in styling comes with the ‘BUNN refresh – Tower’: elegant and daringly spare, handsomely designed for higher volumes of chilled water offerings, with the touch of a barista in mind. Atop this machine is a handle that the eye sees to be gracefully sturdy, and which the hand proves to be both ergonomic and pleasing to use*. This machine is a realization that a piece of equipment can be beautiful: it is haptically satisfying and aesthetically functional.

The future of BUNN is that every new machine will incorporate this sensibility and style. The design of each will encompass beauty and simplicity, ease and reliability of use. This is the new face of the company that has as its slogan, “Quality Since 1840”, that proudly states “It’s in our DNA to relentlessly pursue quality in the cup” and for whom the Brand Promise always remains “A Partner You Can Count On”.

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