Fritz Storm Barista Camp

Sep 2, 2015|

The following is a guest post from Dago Castro BUNN Service Director for the Latin America, Caribbean region.

2002 World Barista Champion, Fritz Storm has created a Barista Camp program that brings together baristas, roasters and growers to focus on developing unique and different individuals who pay attention to details, consistency and quality both in the cup and in personalized service. Fritz Storm's Barista Camp also looks to showcase the human aspect of what we do by improving values, career and overall quality of life while still maintaining your individuality.

Fritz Storm joined efforts with Kentaro Maruyama from Marayuma Coffee in 2009 and since then has been doing several three day camps per year. In 2015 there are four scheduled camps and last week I had the privilege of participating in the camp held in China.  BUNN was one of the sponsors of the event and had the opportunity to present and speak on the subject of filter coffee and achieving Gold Cup standard of brewing. The next two camps, in 2015, will be in Taipei and Kuala Lampur, and in 2016, there are four camps scheduled with one possibly in Latin America, more than likely another in Colombia.  
The event was attended by more than twenty students from different parts of Asia who were engaged and very enthusiastic about their attendance because they understood how this event would impact their lives and enhance their profession. The program topics included growing specialty coffee, micro-climates and agronomic conditions. It also included additional discussions on sourcing, roasting, brewing, cupping and so much more. The three day camp was packed with information and activities while positive energy filled the air. Of course there’s always a challenge that needs overcoming, and in this case, it was having to set up the day before under typhoon weather conditions while the city was flooded. The only way to get anywhere was either by boat or by walking the streets with water above your ankles and in some cases, up to your knees. It was a unique and fun experience.  
With world Barista Champions; Fritz Storm and Hidenori Izaki in Shanghai ChinaAll of this was possible thanks to the incredible BUNN team in Asia. With their help and support, we managed to have two excellent presentations, showcased our ICB systems, grinders, hot water and trifecta. As added bonus, for the Barista Challenge and closing of event, the winning team used trifecta to brew iced cappuccino which yielded the winning beverage.

BUNN's involvement in these events continues to bring smiles to our community around the world. I am thankful to BUNN for the unique opportunities that enrich my life in more ways than I can fathom.


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