Giving Coffee the Old College Try

Aug 21, 2015|

As hard as it may be to believe, summer is winding down and soon college campuses all over the country will be buzzing with activity as students begin another school year. As the start of classes creeps closer the annual creating of the list of must have items for the school year begins and you can bet most of those lists include laptops, tablets, text books, dorm room accessories, new clothes but would you believe that coffee, or at least the best place to get coffee would be on that list as well?

As is the case in most school years, one of the first questions is usually which beverage will be the “hot” one on campus to awaken students for the early morning classes or keep them alert for the late night study sessions? If you answered coffee you would likely be getting partial credit, if you said gourmet coffee, you’d probably headed for the Dean’s List.

“Young people go for the ‘gourmet coffee’ beverage options,” Joe DeRupo the Director of External Member Relations & Communications for the National Coffee Association told USA Today. DeRupo added that gourmet coffee beverages as defined by the NCA are lattes, machiattos and mochas and these drinks serve as the gateway to drinking stronger coffee with higher doses of caffeine.

Research conducted by the organization bears this statement out. A traditional college student ranges in age from 18 to 24 and according to the NCA, 45% of that age group reports they consume a coffee beverage on a daily basis and of that group, 35% say their coffee beverage is of the gourmet variety.

Having the coffee maker in the dorm room or apartment might still be a convenient way to keep the coffee flowing during the semester but according to NPD, one of the nation’s leading research firms, going on a coffee run is becoming more of the norm as 75% of all sales of gourmet coffee are of the ‘off-premise’ variety, meaning the consumer purchases the coffee and consumes it elsewhere. NPD’s projections estimate that number could increase by as much as 8% in the coming year.

When you are around the nearest college and see students hurrying to and from classes, heading towards the library or meeting up with friends, there is a strong possibility you’ll see a beverage in one hand or on a table and chances are that cup contains a gourmet coffee drink, it’s becoming as familiar on campus as the school mascot or campus landmark.


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