Infusion Series® Offers Versatile Programming in a Small Footprint

Aug 29, 2014|

Versatility coupled with advanced brewing technology in a compact machine is the staple of the BUNN exclusive Infusion Series® brewers. The line of coffee and tea brewers allows different brewing profiles from the same machine and boasts a footprint less than 11 inches (28cm) wide, saving valuable counter space while still providing the consistent quality in the cup you’ve come to expect from BUNN.

ITCB and ITCB-HV, its high volume counterpart, provide the ability to brew three beverages (hot coffee, iced tea, and hot tea) from the same machine featuring BrewWISE® technology which makes achieving consistent flavor as easy as touching a button. For example, it’s possible for the customer to program a brewing sequence for an Ethiopian coffee and also for a Colombian blend to be ready on demand. The machine will treat each coffee appropriately in regards to ideal saturation time for the coffee grounds and the sprayhead pulse action in the funnel. In a matter of seconds, the machine is ready for tea and is flexible enough to change to temperatures appropriate for sturdy black teas and then move to temperatures suitable for delicate green teas that require more subtle water temperatures. In addition, the brewer has RFID capabilities to work in unison with a BUNN MHG grinder.

The ITCB can brew from three to five gallons (11.4-18.9L) of hot coffee or tea into most BUNN dispensers, airpots and thermal carafes. A brew counter keeps track of the machine’s ability to produce both full and half batches and an alphanumeric display can communicate custom advertising messages. The ITCB-HV boasts the ability to brew 5.1 to 11.9 gallons (37L) of coffee and up to 26.7 gallons (101L) of tea in an hour. The ITCB-HV is rated for CE and features an energy saver mode which reduces tank temperature during idle periods. For technical spec information and product numbers please click here.


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