ITB: Building Satisfaction

Jun 25, 2015|

As the heat and humidity continue to build in the summer months, refreshing thirst quenching beverages such as iced tea gain in popularity so make sure you are prepared to serve large quantities of parched patrons with the BUNN ITB. The ITB allows operators the ability to achieve a variety of flavor profiles and batch options with programmable Digital Brewer Control, providing flexibility to meet the flavor demands of a wide-ranging customer base.

From the operator’s standpoint, the ITB is easy to use and efficient. It is specifically designed to accommodate and brew into a pair of BUNN 3.5gal Narrow Tea Dispensers but also has the ability to brew directly into standard tea dispensers as well. The large tank provides back-to-back brewing capacity and allows 3 or 5gal (11.4 to 18.9L) tea batches to keep fresh beverages flowing to your customers even during the busiest times of the day.

The user interface of the ITB is also simple and staff-friendly. Each brew button’s sweetener may be independently set and easily adjusted using the Sweet Meter and the dilution nozzles are clearly labeled “Sweet” and “Unsweet” to avoid confusion. If sweetener runs low, the “Out of Sweetener” indicator, an LCD light, blinks to aid the staff and avoid potential downtime and color coded decals help the operator properly align the brew basket, dispenser and choose the correct selection. Safety is also a premium with the ITB as a SplashGard® funnel deflects hot liquids away from the hand keeping staff protected throughout the brewing process.

Operators aren’t the only group that will be satisfied with the ITB. Customers enjoy the ITB's flexibility and quick turnaround times which allow for multiple iced tea brews. By using a variety of flavors and sweetness levels, the customer’s thirst stays quenched and will leave them feeling refreshed all year long.


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