Lets Talk Coffee 2013

Nov 4, 2013|

Let's Talk Coffee is the specialty coffee's premier conference and training event hosted by Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers. Every October the event adds fresh insights to the conversation, examines how to bring sustainability of the industry to scale, and celebrates the strong network of partners created over 15 years working in specialty coffee.

BUNN was represented at this years conference in El Salvador by Dago Castro, Service Director & Sales in Latin America/Caribbean.



Let's Talk Coffee 2013 took place last weekend and focused on the power of collective action to guide the industry through the ups and downs of the international coffee market. Attendees worked to foster direct conversations among coffee industry partners and cultivate a community of trust that results in higher quality coffee and reliability throughout the supply chain.

This years event also featured producers from Rwanda to El Salvador who are taking their coffee production to the next level, shattering our notions of origins, varietals, and processing.

There have been many challenges felt by the entire industry in 2013 including the harvest season being marked by the outbreak of Coffee Rust Disease in Central and South America. Lets Talk Coffee 2013, brought together experts at the forefront of the situation to share their latest findings and help the entire industry react to this crisis and emerge stronger.

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