Living Precisely Accurate

Jan 6, 2016|

Precision and accuracy are daily code words for Rick Troutner.

As a Cycle Count Team Leader at BUNN, Troutner oversees the group responsible for counting the daily inventory in the company warehouse. It’s imperative he and his team be precisely accurate when assessing their respective areas to ensure the proper inventory is moving through the facility and excess is not building up.

Troutner, who recently celebrated his 25th anniversary with the company, keeps a memento in his pocket to remind him of the words his team must live by. He is the proud owner of a 1923 Bunn Special pocket watch made by the Illinois Watch Company, which was owned and operated by the Bunn family. “I’ve always liked pocket watches and decided it was time to get one,” Troutner said. “I went online and started comparing various models and found the Bunn Special was the standard for train engineers of that time.”

Engineers were required to have their watches inspected regularly and to submit a certificate stating its reliability to supervisors. The picturesque movie scene of a train conductor look at his watch and shouting, “All Aboard!” does reflect the true importance of a train staying on schedule. When there was only one track for trains barreling in both directions, an engineer’s watch being off by as little as four minutes could mean disaster.

Like train conductors nearly a century ago, Troutner and his team keep their operation accurate and precise.

“That watch is with me every day,” Troutner said. “It reminds me of how lucky I am to work for such a great company.”

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