Logistics, Simplified

May 17, 2016

lo•gis•tics [ləˈjistiks] noun plural noun: logistics

1. the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies.

Delivering premium coffee to a larger gathering, and keeping the quality of that coffee at the premium state throughout the delivery, can become an act of fine-tuned logistics. Perhaps the location is far from a station where a brewer can be installed, due to a lack of plumbing or adequate electrical supply. Maybe there is no electrical supply at all within the room, or at least not where the serving setup is intended to be placed, thus eliminating even the option of using remote warming stations.

Airpots, vacuum pitchers and thermal carafes can be used, but these do not offer much volume per each, and so use of these can involve the frequent movement of a great volume of units on carts. While the limited available volume means that these units are not of much aid to servers attending to several tables, the placement of any of these vessels at table presents the additional dilemmas of finding space on the table, and ensuring that the patrons are capable of properly using these devices themselves while sitting.

BUNN’s BrewWISE® ThermoFresh® DBC® brewing system is a profound answer to the quandary of providing excellent beverages, excellently served, regardless of the complexity of the serving environment. First, the brewers themselves provide a connoisseurial level of coffee brewing prowess via Digital Brew Control (DBC). DBC allows for mastery of coffee extraction through a combination of digitally assured temperature maintenance (ensuring that exactly the right temperature of water is applied to the grounds to allow for the optimal coffee brew), pre-infusion (which wets the coffee cells and allows the coffee to “bloom” before full brewing) and pulse-brew (which extends the contact time between water and grounds, allowing for deeper extraction). These features translate into the means by which even ordinary coffee might be made extraordinary, and extraordinary coffee made magnificent.

The full solution to the serving problem is actually realized by the use of ThermoFresh Servers. These units are available in one gallon and one-and-a-half gallon sizes, both with or without stands, and are vacuum insulated to keep coffee hot for hours. They are fully portable, are attractive, and are easy to use with each having a simple gravity faucet located conveniently at the unit front. Requiring no electricity, these can be placed wherever is most convenient for serving from, and are stately enough in appearance to be displayed at any function.

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