Nordic Barista Cup 2011

Sep 9, 2011|

Mike Khan, BUNN Technical Manager of Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Keith Collins, BUNN Director of Services of  Europe, Middle East & Africa, recap their visit to the 2011 Nordic Barista Cup that was held  August 25-27, 2011 in Denmark.

From Left to Right: James Hoffmann (Square Mile Coffee Roasters,
London and WBC champion 2007),Will Corby (Mercanta, London England),
Mike Khan (BUNN), and Greg Costello (Workhouse coffee, Reading England)

The Nordic Barista Cup is an annual three-day event that was held in Denmark this year. The number of attendees is limited to 170 hardcore coffee aficionados. Though primarily a competition between teams of baristas from the five Nordic countries - Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden - it's also a forum for coffee education & networking with a mini exhibition and a charity fund-raiser for a coffee producing country.

This year's fund raising efforts benefited construction of a school in Indonesia, Sumatra.  To further this awareness all the coffees served during the breaks, lunches and dinners were from Sumatra. There was also a cupping session with a variety of Sumatran coffees.

BUNN ICB's & MHG's working hard during the event

BUNN was excited to have the opportunity to provide and operate all the brewing equipment for the coffee served during the morning breakfast, as well as lunch in the afternoon. Two of our trifectas were also brewing during the morning rush, offering the participants other coffee and tea options.
As each lecture was progressing we also ground & brewed coffee, as well as ground additional coffee and provided hot water for the many cupping sessions that were held between lectures. Some of the notable lectures we enjoyed were:

  • James Hoffmann of Square Mile Coffee: Reinventing Espresso
  • Joseph Rivera of Coffee Chemistry: Chemistry of Coffee
  • Kyle Glanville of Intelligentsia: Evolving as You Grow
  • Will Corby of Mercanta:Introducing Sumatran Coffees
  • Stephen Vick of Intelligentsia: Preserving Green Coffee

On Friday we were very busy helping the Nordic Roaster Competition entrants dial in their precise brewing parameters for the competition on Saturday. The Nordic Roaster Competition is a parallel competition looking to find the best coffee roaster each year.  This competition is broken down into two categories: espresso & filter.  Our time spent with the roasters was very valuable to us, as they were all very impressed with the programmability of the MHG/ICB and the resulting brew.

The Nordic Roasters Competition brews we made for the Saturday competition went without a hitch and several of the roasters thanked us for making their coffee as wonderful as they had anticipated. The competition was very close with a 1 point differential.  For the first time in years, Tim Wendelboe did not win with an especially fruity Kenyan coffee (Kenya, Nbumberi: dark berries, plums, crisp acidity, well balanced and clean)...Solberg & Hansen did. (Kenya, Kangocho: grapefruit, jasmine, berrylike acidity, balanced and transparent. ). It was an honor to announce the winners and hand out the prizes at Saturday's 'Olympic' themed gala dinner.

Keith Collins was mentioned in the NBC live blog with a great quote "If it's not espresso, it's BUNN!"

Photo: Tim Varney from

The winner of the Nordic Barista Competition was Team Sweden, for the second time in a row.


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