OpportuniTEAS Brewing - 1st Annual North American Tea Conference Summary

Sep 28, 2010|

Desiree Logsdon, BUNN VP of Marketing, sums up the 1st Annual North American Tea Conference.

The Canadian and U.S. Tea Associations came together in Niagara Falls last week (September 20-22) for the Inaugural North American Tea Conference. Participation was strong with 175 tea enthusiasts attending the event from 7 different countries. Educational sessions were interesting and networking opportunities were well designed for maximum interaction with other attendees.

Key Tea Take-A-Ways:

  • The four-star hot tea grading program has been successful in the UK and Canada in increasing awareness of tea quality.
  • Challenges facing tea production and consumption: Pesticides (government regulations and safety issues); Pricing (prices are at an all-time high while growers are making an all-time low due to past squeezing of margins; difficulties maintaining work force); Extreme weather patterns damaging crops.
  • Sustainability is everyones job. Companies that do not focus on this will not survive.
  • Specialty tea is driving hot tea growth. The industry is looking for ways to make a tea occasion special.
  • The feeling in the industry is that teas time has come. A prediction was made that within 12-24 months, a new tea retailer will emerge as a key player for a tea caf.
  • The industry needs to focus on alternative, healthy sweeteners for tea due to growing issues with diabetes.
  • Tea Buzz wordsAlert, Relaxed, Healthy, Well-Being
  • Two recommended websites for trends: http://www.trendwatching.com/ http://www.americanforecaster.com/

BUNN was proud to be a Silver Sponsor at this inaugural event. We look forward to participating in future events!


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