Refresh Your Beverage Offerings with BUNN

Feb 19, 2016

Sales of carbonated water products have more than doubled over the past five years, outpacing the growth of bottled water according to industry research firm Euromonitor. Take advantage of this growing trend with ‘BUNN refresh’; the first cold water dispenser offered by BUNN provides an opportunity to dive into the carbonated water market with a system that delivers filtered crisp cold water as either “still” or as the sparkling product of a unique fine-carbonation process.

The styling of the ‘BUNN refresh’ includes an open, large radii face which is inviting and refined, and provides intuitive visual cues to user-interaction points. It is easy to position your glass below the prominent stainless steel dispense nozzle, and the flower-petal shaped dispense buttons are inviting and simple to understand.   ‘BUNN refresh’ is designed to reveal sleekness, ease-of-use and access, and premium quality.

However, most particularly in the case of a water dispenser, the quality of the product that comes out of the machine is every bit as important as the quality of the machine itself. Water purity is assured by a filtration system that removes up to 99.99% of common water-borne bacteria, and which meets NSF standards for the reduction of taste and odor agents and the reduction of particulates and contaminants. Further, ice bank cooling technology and a recirculation loop ensure that the water dispensed is consistently 40°F cold.

For those who prefer a little ‘pop’ to their water experience, our patent-pending in-line water mistifier creates a fine, gentle mist that when infused with on-demand carbon molecules produces a longer lasting sparkling water, delivered consistently throughout the day regardless of your dispensing volume. This carbonation process is balanced in such way as to allow for the optimal absorption of flavors and ingredients, with the end result of enhanced aromas, an effervescent mouth feel, and an explosion of flavors with every sip.

To learn more about refreshing your beverages options, contact your local BUNN sales representative, call our Inside Sales Team at (800) 286-6086, or buy direct on

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