Soft Heat Connects You to Worry-Free Freshness

Nov 11, 2013|

Generally, convenience store customers demand the ideal coffee-drinking experience without sacrificing their time and Soft Heat technology from BUNN provides operators worry-free, consistent quality from cup-to-cup.

 BUNN patented Soft Heat in 1997 to automatically manage coffee heat retention for up to one hour as a technologically-advanced alternative to constant temperature, high heat warmer plates. The docking station provides instant contact with portable 1.5 gallon, low-BTU servers. Through the electric docking point, the system thermostatically controls, and automatically shuts off heat to the server once a preset temperature is achieved.

The system is sold under the satellite category, meaning the brewer can be set up in a separate location and once brewing is complete the portable servers can be undocked and taken to the desired service location. A separate Soft Heat docking station can be purchased and placed in service areas that are not ideal for brewer set-up.

The dedicated insulated servers can be programmed between
175 to 180 and feature another BUNN patent, the Safety-Fresh brew-SH Connectionthrough lid with vapor seal and spill prevention. A front glass sight gauge displays volume at-a-glance. Operator safety is also enhanced by two sturdy handles that evenly distribute carrying weight and a cool-to-the-touch surface with no hot contact spots, making remote transfer safe and easy.

The Soft Heat brewer comes in two options--one with the BUNN-exclusive BrewWISE
digital technology or the other with simple switch control operation. Either can be programmed for three variable batch sizes, and both are compatible with the G9-2T grinder that can be connected with a cable, resulting in an interface where the grinder automatically adjusts the grind time according to the batch size selected on the brewer to deliver precise grind volumes without waste. BrewWISE intelligence means the Smart Funnel manages the grinding and brewing process from start to finish and also allows the creation of coffee recipe cards on a PC. A multi-phase brewer model that can be converted to operate on either 3-phase or 1-phase is also available to our International customers.

Prolonging the optimal life of the coffee beverage and reducing the amounts of wasted or unused coffee in the grinder and in the server ensures profitability for the operator and satisfied customers who are getting the most consistent quality with each visit.


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