Striving for the Perfect Balance

Sep 8, 2015|

She is not a mathematician but as the Director of Purchasing for the Global Operations Department at BUNN, Jamie Stone spends her days in the office focusing on an equilateral triangle.

An equilateral triangle is one that boasts three equal sides and it’s the quest for such balance that drives Stone and the department’s eight-person team. So how does a math concept fit into the daily efforts of a purchasing group?

“Our department builds relationships and partnerships with our suppliers and we strive for a perfect balance of value, quality and availability of product that meets the needs of our company and our customers,” Stone said. “We are pursuing maximum value to the BUNN customer with the highest quality equipment possible.”

The Purchasing Department of Global Operations at BUNN is charged with fostering positive working partnerships with internal customers and a diverse group of external suppliers, as well as supporting the ongoing Quality and Engineering efforts of the organization.

Jamie has 22 years of experience in procurement, including 16 of which were spent as a lead buyer with BUNN. She took her new position this past April. Jamie has a BS in International Business from Millikin University which also involved a study abroad at the Institute of European Studies in London.

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