Sure Immersion™: Single Serve Bean-to-Cup Coffee at Your Office

Sep 8, 2016

Successful employers know that energized, motivated employees are more productive. Quality coffee provided by the workplace can go a long way toward maintaining energy and motivation levels. BUNN® Sure Immersion™ bean-to-cup brewer brings a new, deeper dimension to single serve office coffee, giving employees a reason to skip the morning stop at the coffee shop, knowing that at the office awaits a full, rich, custom coffee experience.

Sure Immersion creates a fresh, single serving of fresh ground coffee quickly and conveniently. The path to great coffee is begun with just three finger-swipes across the intuitive 10” touchscreen: to choose the preferred bean type; select the size of brew; and then simply start. The beans are then portioned from the appropriate hopper and descend through a precision grinder. The resulting fresh-ground coffee beans land on a custom filter, and are then immersed in water. This is where the BUNN proprietary Air Infusion process takes place, ensuring full flavor extraction. As the rich scent of the beverage fills the air, so does the cup begin to fill.

The Sure Immersion brewer is the precision tool to fine-tune coffees to meet the tastes of a wide variety of customers. Sure Immersion delivers superb taste and quality while remaining consistent throughout the day.


Features and Benefits

  • The touchscreen makes routine maintenance and cleaning simple by providing On-screen Diagnostics, Picture Prompted Calibrations and Picture Prompted Cleaning™, all shown as “real picture” tutorials
  • The atypically large hoppers hold a plentiful supply of plainly visible beans, and are engineered to ensure that beans flow with just the right constancy so that every cup is dosed precisely to the established recipe.  Each hopper has its own dedicated grinder, so there is no cross-flavoring from the beans of the other hopper.  The premium grinder and burrs assure that beans are cut to industry high standards
  • An individual cup of freshly ground and brewed coffee is created with just three finger swipes across the 10 inch Intuitive Touchscreen control console
  • Sure Immersion uses a special infusion process to facilitate deeper extraction, allowing for brewing recipes to be dialed in, creating a cup with more fullness of body and richer notes of flavor. With precise control over time, frequency, and force of the turbulence each cup is consistently prepared to the desired flavor profile
  • The extraction process is a hybrid of filter drip and immersion brewing. By using a vacuum siphon immersion process, there is a deeper extraction of coffee flavor; by using a paper drip filter, clarity is achieved in every cup

This unique filtration system involves a rolling paper filter (like a short conveyor belt). After each brew, the filter rolls along with the spent grounds, and very efficiently the grounds are deposited in a waste bin, and the used filter is spooled up for easy disposal --- after 1800 brews. Along with being very efficient, this process makes it easy to accumulate coffee grounds for composting, and the used filter paper is 100% recyclable


To learn how to take advantage of all that the Sure Immersion can offer, please see



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