Traveler Tracker - Congratulations Mike Spina!

Jul 8, 2009|
We would like to congratulate Mike Spina from Troy, MI on being the first to correctly guess the location of our traveler. The Traveler was located in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. Mike is very excited to own his first BUNN brewer,
"I have never personally owned a BUNN, but we have one at work that is going constantly from 9 to 5... sometimes later! I love that they're easy to use and clean, but most of all the consistency and speed of the coffee that comes out. My old home brewer can be hit or miss on the strength of the brew. I am very much looking forward to having my morning coffee be the strength and flavor that I intended when I loaded up the brewer. BUNN will be my rock solid morning wake-me-up machine. :)"

Mike, we hope you enjoy your brand new STX thermal carafe BUNN brewer for many years to come! We would like to personally congratulate you on your win and thank you for participating in The Traveler Tracker. At this time, we would also like to thank all the other wonderful people who participated in this contest. We had some great guesses. But wait! Don't give up, our Traveler has eluded us once again. And you guessed it, we need your help. Stay tuned for information on round two of The Traveler Tracker.


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