May 27, 2011|

Have been using Bunn coffeemaker for several years. Need to add water to the preheated tank. How can we add two cups of water to have a full ten cups of hot water to fill coffee pot, instead of eight cups coming through?Can only four cups be made, or do we always need to make the full pot?

P.S. To settle an argument...

How much electricity does it take to keep the pot hot? I say more than keeping a night light on all day, my husband disagrees.
Thank you.


Your first two request can be answered pretty easily. The ground coffee absorbs/ retains approximately 2 ounces of brew water, per dry ounce of coffee used in the brew .

You can brew a half pot, simply use half the water volume and half to slightly more of the coffee weight than you normally do.

To keep the tank at brew temperature during idle times, and so its always ready to brew. The unit consumes approximately 35 watts per hour. Not sure how wins this one?

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew


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