Jan 12, 2011|
Comment from a previous question:
Wouldn't this produce a different flavour than a finer grind, since a short brew cycle would only extract off the surface of the coarse grind leaving the inside dry, while a longer brew cycle could result in more bitterness without the desired body of a finer grind?p.s.: I really don't know - this is just speculation based on a few days-worth of reading about coffee online...I could be way off on everything, but I'm still curious!

The additional coffee I suggested will increase the bed depth, there by increasing contact time slightly. From experience and many conversations with other coffee drinkers, brewing with a coarser coffee grind and a shorter brew time can result in a cup that is high in strength and lower in extraction. This cup is generally considered to be intense in flavor although sweet and smooth due to the lower extraction. You are correct that shorter brew times for finer grind and longer for coarser grind are general rules. Although you know what they say about rules.

Experiment, Experiment!

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew


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