Sep 30, 2011|

It's 5am, your alarm buzzes nagging you to get up out of bed and start the day.  You saunter into the kitchen, sleep still in your eyes, stopping in front of your BUNN brewer anxiously waiting for that first cup of coffee.

Even if your BUNN only takes 3 minutes to completely brew, we know it can seem like an eternity when you want your coffee!  As you stand there watching the coffee stream into the carafe, a light bulb goes off in your head with what you think is a brilliant idea...“I will just steal a cup of coffee now before it is done brewing.  What could it hurt?!  Some coffee in my cup now and the rest brewing into the carafe for my refill later.”

Before you try your “idea” we want to tell you plain and simple this is just NOT a good idea.  First, trying to catch steaming hot coffee in your cup is dangerous and could possibly result in you burning yourself.  Additionally, if you interrupt the brew cycle you are affecting the overall quality of the beverage in your cup, as well as others who might be waiting for a cup!

That’s right, part of brewing your perfect cup of coffee is easy as letting a brew cycle come to completion before taking a cup of coffee.  As Dr. Brew explains in the video, the brewing process actually evolves in 3 different phases.  In the first third of the brew process the coffee is very intense and strong.  In the middle phase the coffee begins to lighten up, and in the tail end or the last third, the coffee is very pale because all the parts of the coffee that need to be extracted have been extinguished.  If you take a cup of coffee from the brew cycle before it is complete, you will have a very strong intense cup of coffee, and the remaining coffee in the carafe will be weaker and unbalanced because it will have more of the second and third phase and not as much of the first, strong and intense phase. 

To put things in perspective, Dr. Brew compares the brew process to baking a cake.   Just like in the cake making process where you mix fluids with the dry material you want to bake; coffee brewing has a mixing process where the water is blended with the coffee creating a balanced water to coffee ratio.  In the cake making process you want to allow the cake to fully bake, because if you pull the cake early you will end up with a less than desirable product. The same is true for coffee!

Still don’t believe us that coffee brews in phases?  Still think that your idea will work?  Watch this video where Dr.  Brew pulls cups of coffee from the three different phases of the brew cycle to demonstrate why coffee is worth the wait.

Remember: Allow your brew cycle come to completion before pouring a cup of coffee.

As always Happy Brewing!


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