May 13, 2009|

Dear Dr. Brew,

There are times, though few, but especially during the summer months, when our BUNN VP-17 is not used for several days. Because of evaporation, I suggest pouring in a pot of water, and discarding the smaller amount of water that fills the carafe. Otherwise, you end up with a small pot of very, very strong coffee! Because we have a crew of environmentalists and engineers, there is the contingent that thinks one only needs to add a small amount of water until it begins to drip into the pot, wait for the drip to stop, and then add the entire pot of water. Since I have no diagram of the pot, I bet you know the absolute right way to do this!!

Second question -- the instructions indicate regular deliming of the BUNN, but offer no formula for doing so. We have the magic spring and know how to use it. What else should we do? We have owned this pot since 2003, and I KNOW it has never been delimed, because no one else would even think of it. We had a double BUNN that developed a leak before these pots, and it is probable that the leak developed because IT was never delimed either. Such is life in a church family with a couple hundred members.

Many thanks.

Davenport, Iowa


Here's the answer to your first question -- I'll answer the second in a later post.

Dear Ruth,

The loss of water from the internal tank is due to evaporative loss during infrequent use. Either of your approaches will work. I prefer yours -- and the excess water from the refilling of the tank can be used to water plants, satisfying the environmentalist in all of us. This type of commercial brewer maintains the water at brew temperature inside the tank (similar to a water heater, but the water is not under pressure).

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew


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