Apr 30, 2009|
Dear Dr. Brew,

My BUNN coffeepot recently began overflowing the filter (BUNN Filters) whenever I brew coffee. It is a 10 cup pot (NHB). I have had the pot for about two years and while this has happened occasionally it is now happening with every time I brew coffee.

I have cleaned the pot, delimed, etc. and nothing seems to make a difference. I do grind my own coffee beans, although I am using the same medium setting I have always used. It seems as though the pot is pumping water into the filter faster than it can drain into the pot--which doesn't make sense to me. The hole in the filter container is not plugged, although it probably does get plugged somewhat once the coffee grounds overflow and or the filter collapses.

I hope you can help!




When a sympton comes on suddenly, there is likely a simple fix. From your description it sounds like the sprayhead is no longer attached to the outlet tube from the tank. This will allow an increase in flow rate into the filter and cause your issue. You can order a new sprayhead using this form at BUNN.com.

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew


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