Dec 8, 2008|

Carl from Louisiana

I recently purchased a BUNN Home Brewer from my local Wal-Mart. Very pleased with the excellent coffee flavor that this brewer develops. I use about 2.5 oz of coffee to brew a 10 cup pot. I was using 100% whole bean coffee at first but the brew basket would overflow. I now use about 60% whole bean and then put about 40% pre ground coffee on top. At that ratio I find the brew basket does not overflow. I clean the brew basket regularly along with the spray head. Any ideas on how I could use 100% whole bean and not overflow the basket.

Not really wanting to cut back on the 2.5 oz measurement which by SCAA Gold Cup standards should not be to much. Looking forward to hearing from you.




The issue you are experiencing may be that your coffee has not degassed long enough. You mention blending a portion of coffee that was previously ground and has likely released a portion of the carbon dioxide from inside the beans. I suggest checking the grind particle size and possibly grinding slightly coarser. Another choice would be to try an optional spray head to lengthen the water delivery time. This would allow the brew water to penetrate the ground coffee and release the extractable material you want, at the same time reducing the float of the coffee in the filter.

Happy Brewing,

Dr. Brew


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