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Dear Dr. Brew,
We have a model CWT15APS, PF coffee maker in our health club lounge, and when the coffee is brewed, water is leaking from the outside edges of the machine. I called tech support at Bunn a month ago, and the man suggested using the descaler, and that should take care of it. We have done this (with the spring ALL the way in) 4 or 5 times vigorously, and there is no change. What do you suggest from here?
If we were to replace this unit soon, or at some point which unit would be like the ones we have?
Sue Miller
Jcc Fitness Club Director



Sounds to me like your brewer has a leak from gasket or seal. The quickest way I know for you to get things back to normal is for you to contact a service agent in your area. Please go to, on the home page you will find a "support" tab at the top of the page. Click the tab and it will take you to a directory where you can select the state and area. The agent should be able to provide you a price estimate and complete the service. All service should be performed by a trained sevice person.

Click here for a direct link to find the nearest service agent by state.

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew


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