Jun 14, 2013|
Hey there-
Just setting up a new ICB Twin Tall for a new cafe and trying to trouble shoot a few things. I can't seem to get far on the Programming function. Not letting past the Brew Lockout in Level 1, can't figure out how to get into Level 2...

Also, I am wondering what ratio coffee to water you are recommending for 1/2 size and full batches? I will be grinding fresh on demand from a Ditting K804.

Thanks, Chris A.

Thanks for using our equipment. From the text above it seems the program lock-out switch may be in the locked position.  The switch is located on the main control board near the top edge of the board.  To access the main control board you would need to disconnect the brewer from the power supply and then remove the top cover/ panel of the unit.  Move the switch location to the opposite setting and replace the top cover.  Reconnect the brewer and you will be able to gain access to programming, follow the instructions in your set-up manual ( also available on-line @ bunn.com).

My suggestion is a ratio of coffee to water (3.50 ounces coffee / 64 ounces water).
This is simply doubled for the large (gallon? brew)( 7.0 / 128).  the large will likely not require any pulse brew or by-pass.  The small brew may require a light pulse setting (start with the basic easy-pulse setting)

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew


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