Jun 2, 2011|

Dear Dr. Brew:
I just purchased a Bunn CW series coffee maker for our church of 200. Yesterday we hooked it up in our coffee corner to a direct water supply line. We are seeking some guidance now from you...
1. What size airpot should we use for this machine? 2.2 L, 2.5 L or 3 L?
2. How many airpots should we purchase?
3. How much coffee is needed for the airpot that you recommend for us?
4. What is the correct temperature setting on this machine. We want to provide our members with the "perfect cup."
Look forward to hearing back from you.



I first have to make some assumptions. An automatic model CWT or CWTF-15 / 120 volt unit will produce approximately 3.8 gallons (14.38 Liters) per hour. To answer your questions in order.

1. I would chose the 2.2 Liter (74 ounces). You will need to adjust the volume per the manual.

2. I would suggest a minimum of four, label one for decaf. Six would likely cover most applications.

3. Recommended brew ratio of 4.0 ounces coffee to 74 ounces water. (adjust to meet your taste)

You may want to consider a larger brew funnel option (Gourmet funnel P/N 34559.0000 and taller paper filters P/N 20157.0000)

4. The brew temperature setting for this unit is 200°F +/- 3°.

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew


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