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Dear Doctor Brew,

We are using an ICB brewer with 3.8 thermal pots. The brew temperature is set to 93 degrees C with a 10% bypass and a brew time of 4.13 minutes for a full brew. However despite pre-warming of pots we are only getting 67 degrees C in the cup. Is this normal?


Suffolk UK

Dear Rob,

Thank you for inquiring about your concern of the cup serving temperature. The set temperature of your ICB is 93°C (199.4°F). The recommended water temperature range for brewing equipment is 92-96°C by the SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) and the ECBC (European Coffee Brewing Center). Holding temperature is recommended for 80 - 85°C (175 - 185°F).


I ran a test with a brewer set at 93°C, a water cycle time of 4:08 to dispense 3.8 L (128 ounces) over 240 grams (8 ounces). The thermal pot was a stainless steel 3.8L airpot pre-heated for 45 seconds, with 1.0 L (34 ounces) of water drawn from the brewer faucet. I intentionally brewed into the dispenser without the stem in place to lose the most heat.


Dispenser internal temperature of coffee: 85.8°C (186.4°F) at start of test

Waited 15 minutes and checked temperature before dispense: 84.9°C (184.8°F).

Placed temperature sensor, approximately 2.5 cm (1 inch) up from the bottom of an unheated ceramic mug. Dispensed 240 ml ( 8.0 ounces). Temp started at 79° and dropped to 74°C in 30 seconds.

Emptied same mug (now pre-heated), temperature started at 82.1 and dropped to 80.5° in 30 seconds.


You can see that the type, volume and temperature of the mug have the greatest effect on the final temperature to the customer.

Check the outside surface temperature of your thermal server. If it is warm to the touch after you placed hot beverage into it, I would replace the server (maybe it has lost its vacuum?).

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew


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