Mar 16, 2009|

Dear Dr. Brewski,

Where can I obtain grind samples? I have 3 BUNN commercial grinders, but they all grind differently. I would like to see grind samples so I have some idea of what the grind is supposed to look like.

Many thanks,
Django’s Coffee
Lebanon, MO


Dear Ken,

Thanks for the questions related to grind size. Grind/particle size is one of the most important pieces of a properly brewed cup of coffee. As for three grinders giving different results, we need to start with a maintenance check. It's unclear if all grinders are the same model or age. To get to a fresh starting point, all three grinders should have the grind chambers disassembled and burrs, augers, chambers discharged and motor shafts checked for wear and cleaned. Following reassembly, all grinders should be adjusted according the manufacturers' manual.

Grind samples are not readily available. A suggestion would be to retain a sample from the grinders after the maintenance is completed. This would give you a sample that matches the type of grinder you use.

Generally there are a few guidelines for the grind size to use with your brewing system. The one we need to deal with here is time of contact between the ground coffee and the brew water. For brews completed within 4 minutes, the recommended grind is designated as fine grind, 4-6 minutes is designated as drip grind and 6-8 minutes as coarse grind.

Happy Brewing,

Dr. Brew


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