Nov 20, 2008|
Linda from Des Moines, Iowa:

We have a customer with a twin brewer they have been using for a year—now it is filling less than a pot on a brew cycle. They want to know why. I told them that I think it may be a lime issue—what do you recommend?

A loss in brew volume can occur for many reasons. General maintenance of removing and cleaning the openings in the spray head(s) daily is a good place to start. The upper mid-West of the United States is known for hard water (above 6 grains). The minerals dissolved in water precipitate out in the form of calcium and magnesium deposits, when water in heated to brew temperature. A good place to find out about your water is your local municipal water provider. Water with a slight hardness(3-6 grains) is recommended for brewing coffee. As a point of reference 1 grain of hardness is equal to 17.1 mg/Liter or Parts Per Million (ppm).



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