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Dear Doctor Brew,
I would like to make a delicious Iced Coffee using my BUNN ICB Brewer (to brew a filter coffee base) & BUNN Ultra One. Do you have any recipes? I'm thinking of adding milk & a little sugar also.

Many thanks,


Dear Shadybob,

Creating a recipe for ICED Coffee is a pure choice of what you want. My first suggestion is to chose a coffee that taste good at ambient/room temperature. How many times has your coffee gone cool in your cup while you're busy working? You take a sip and your immediate response is YUCK! Although there have been times with a different coffee and you say to your self "that's pretty good cold", that's your coffee!

Recipe/Formula varies widely from doubling the amount of grounds for the normal water volume, and diluting to desired strength. NOTE: if the brew funnel won't accommodate the coffee reduce the water volume by half.

There are more formal recipes that set the amount of grounds to water volume for the concentrate and then dilute with tap water and/or ice to get to the desired serving temperature. A brew concentrate extraction of 18 to 20% seems to work well.

Here is a starter recipe for your ICB:

COFFEE = 7.5 ounces
BREW WATER = 70 ounces
ICE= 2.5 lbs.
FINISHED VOLUME= 1 gallon (approximate)

For the Ultra, the first issue is to achieve a 12° Brix for your finished product. (easy 12° Brix ratio of 1 pound sugar/1 gallon water) brewed coffee concentrate can be substituted for the water. As for adding fresh dairy, follow recommended holding temperature and strict cleaning regiment.

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew


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