Nov 9, 2011|
Dear Dr. Brew,I spoke with your technical support department today about your MCP and AutoPod products and they were unable to answer my extraction related questions so they suggested I contact you since you are the firm's guru relating to there matters. Specifically, I wanted to know why the brew times on these two pod based systems is so short - only about 30 seconds, how that can provide proper extraction, and if there is any way to lengthen their brew times. It is my understanding that coffee grounds need to be exposed to an appropriately hot water stream for several minutes (ie, 3 to 4 minutes) for proper extraction to occur. It would seem that 30 seconds is just not enough and that it should result in weak and under-extracted coffee. Technical support indicated to me that on the MCP, other than changing the brew volume and/or using the tea pulse brew button, there is no other adjustment to allow lengthening the brew time. On the AutoPod, they actually tried to manually set the programmable parameters as high as possible but when they timed the result they told me it was actually less than 30 seconds. Did they perhaps program the AutoPod incorrectly and would it be possible to program the AutoPod for longer brew times (and if so, approximately what would the maximum settings permit)? I've always liked Bunn products and I appreciate your input.
Kind Regards,Jeremy


Brew contact time, of water in contact with the ground coffee is indeed important. The time range you mention would apply to a gravity filter drip/medium grind. When dealing with a single portion brewing device, the time is usually in a range of 30 seconds to 90 seconds. We are an impatient lot when waiting for our coffee. The grind in a pod, cup or capsule is often ground finer to expose greater surface area of the ground bean to facilitate extraction within the brew time. An example may be espresso coffee, ground very fine, with a high pressurized infusion and a brew time of approximately28 seconds. The majority of the single serve brewers are also using a light increase in pressure to enhance the extraction/strength of the beverage in the shorter brew time.

A great cup is about formula as well, six ounces over a 10 gram pod is my choice.

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew


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