Coffee Champagne Cocktail

May 9, 2012 |

Are you planning to cook up a delicious brunch to celebrate Mom this Mother's Day?  Make your Mother's Day brunch tradition even more memorable this year by serving a unique cocktail, a Coffee Champagne Cocktail to be exact.   This floral and coffee infused, bubbly cocktail created by Sherri Johns will be a favorite that you'll want to use to over and over again.


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Coffee Filter Flowers

May 9, 2012 |

Mother's Day is right around the corner.   It's time to pick out that perfect Mother's Day gift; a gift that will express how much you appreciate and adore her.  I'm not sure if it is the spring season, or the desire to give Mom something beautiful, but the gift of flowers is a gift welcomed by thousands of mothers around the world on this holiday.   Potted plants and...

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Use Coffee as a Natural Dye for Eggs

Apr 6, 2012 |

If you plan on coloring eggs this weekend, did you know your kitchen may be stocked full of natural dyes? That's right!   An article on gives step by step instructions on how to dye eggs naturally using food items.  One of those food items that can be used is... COFFEE!   Check out the full article and list of ingredients to naturally color your eggs this...

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Understanding the difference between glass and thermal carafes

Apr 3, 2012 |

Are you in the market for a new coffee maker and trying to decide what type of carafe to choose, glass or thermal?  Are you a little confused as to the difference ?   To help you decide what type of carafe is right for you we are taking a closer look at glass and thermal carafes. Below are some different variables to consider when deciding on the carafe that is right for your...

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Customer Service Closed this Afternoon

Mar 29, 2012 |

Our customer service department will be closed this afternoon (March 29, 2012) starting at 12:00 pm central time for training.  We will re-open tomorrow morning, Friday, March 30, at 7:00am central time.  

We apologize for any inconvenience.   You can send us your service requests or questions online by completing the Parts & Service Form....

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Love the Bean, Clean the Machine

Mar 20, 2012 |

Why do I need to clean my coffee brewer?  The water is hot so it basically cleans itself every time I brew a pot of coffee. 

Has this thought ever crossed your mind? While all BUNN brewers brew coffee at the ideal brewing temperature of 200 degrees you still need to perform routine deep cleaning on your brewer.  Water contains minerals and impurities that over...

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Spring Cleaning Tips with Coffee

Mar 20, 2012 |

Spring has officially sprung which means flowers, warmer weather and SPRING CLEANING!  To assist you in your cleaning adventures we have compiled a list of tips that use coffee grounds and coffee accessories.   Happy Cleaning!

Cleaning tips using coffee grounds......

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"Custom Coffee" machines, like BUNN trifecta MB, named a top trend by Good Housekeeping

Mar 19, 2012 |

Good Housekeeping recently released their "Top 10 Trends from the 2012 Housewares Show."  This list outlines 2012 trends for the kitchen.  "Custom coffee" machines, like the trifecta MB, made the list as a hot trend for 2012! To see the complete list of trends CLICK HERE...

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"Carrots, Egg and Coffee" Story

Mar 16, 2012 |

We have all received a chain email in our inbox before.  While most of these emails cause guilt because you reluctantly forwarded the email to 10 of your friends.  (You had to spare yourself from the warned 7 years of bad luck!) Sometimes chain emails contain stories that are so touching and interesting you want to share with everyone you know.  The "Carrots, Egg and Coffee"...

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BUNN® Home Product Insider Video- trifecta® MB at CoffeeCon 2012

Mar 6, 2012 |


We had so much fun showcasing our brand new brewer, trifecta MB, at CoffeeCon 2012 on February 25, 2012 in Warrenville, Illinois.  This video offers a glance of the hands-on brewing sessions with trifecta MB .   See real people like you learning about trifecta...

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