Flavor descriptions on coffee bags-What do they mean?

Jul 12, 2013 |

Have you ever picked up a bag of coffee and seen enticing food flavor descriptions like brown sugar, sweet potato, walnut, blueberry or even chocolate?    During my early coffee years, I thought those descriptions meant those flavors were added to the coffee.  Yet, every time I tasted the coffee I wouldn't taste any of those flavors.   So what exactly do those...

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Growing mushrooms from coffee?

Jul 2, 2013 |

Many individuals within BUNN travel around the world to conferences, coffee shows, tea shows, etc.  These events are packed with interesting gadgets and products, and most come back with a cool souvenir.   Kris Houser, the Director of Marketing Communications for BUNN, peaked my interest with her latest...

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What does coffee mean to you?

Jun 26, 2013 |

Coffee.  It is a favored beverage around the world, yet to many it means so much more.

So tell us in the comments below:  What is coffee to you?

Also, make sure to share your answer on our Facebook page.

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Doughnut and Coffee Pairings

Jun 6, 2013 |

This Friday, June 7 is National Doughnut (or Donut) Day!   When I think of doughnuts, coffee automatically comes to mind too.   Doughnuts and coffee are a classic pairing.  There is nothing quite like taking a big bite of a decadent, chocolate glazed doughnut and washing it down with a sip of freshly brewed coffee, or dunking a cake doughnut into a cup of coffee for a...

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Can coffee make you a better proofreader?

May 17, 2013 |

Deadlines are something that everyone faces at one time or another. You are either rushing to deliver the monthly report to your boss, or scrambling to finish the conclusion paragraph of your term paper.    Tight deadlines can lead to little time to proofread, and probably on more than one occasion you've spotted an error in your documents...after you've submitted them! ...

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Bees enjoy coffee too!

Apr 26, 2013 |

April showers bring May flowers......and bugs.  Bees make their appearance every spring, and every year the sight of this bug sends me into a tizzy. 

 Last weekend I had the chance to sit on my back deck and enjoy the warm spring weather.   However, my relaxing time was interrupted by an uninvited guest, a honey bee.   This little bee kept buzzing...

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Coffee Lover's Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Mar 26, 2013 |

Who says kids are the only ones who should get an Easter basket?   Gifts are always great, especially if you receive a gift pertaining to something you're passionate about!

I'm a coffee lover, and work with others who are passionate about coffee---that's why we brainstormed some coffee gifts we'd love to receive.

Fill your Coffee Lover's basket with these gifts this...

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What brings a smile to your face?

Mar 25, 2013 |

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal titled "Stress-Busting Smiles" proclaimed "smiling could be good for your health."1

This intrigued me.  How? 

A recent study suggests that wearing a grin can bring benefits, "like slowing down the heart and reducing stress." 1

Researchers had 170 participants hold a pair of chopsticks three...

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Nov 19, 2012 |

Thanksgiving Coffee Feast

Nov 15, 2012 |

Coffee fanatics everywhere will rejoice this Thanksgiving because they can have a Thanksgiving Coffee Feast!

We scoured the internet to find traditional Thanksgiving food recipes with a twist- they all incorporate coffee.    Below are recipes for the coffee lover this Thanksgiving.

1. Turkey

Turkey is the quintessential Thanksgiving food.   This...

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