Applying wine knowledge to coffee

Jan 20, 2014|

It is not uncommon to hear people compare coffee and wine.    After all both "coffee and wine are from agricultural products---fruits, which are comparably small, sweet, and round---and are best harvested ripe. There's a season for harvest and processing for both. Both can also be identified by variety and origin, and both use many of the same terms to describe beverage sensory perception."  (SCAA Chronicle

The similarities between these two beverages often lead people to think the selection process for wine and coffee are comparable.   Therefore, I wasn't surprised by a recent article I stumbled across from Wine Enthusiast Magazine titled The Wine Lover's Guide to Coffee.  The idea is simple; a person with extensive wine knowledge can apply it to specialty coffee to understand the latter better.   For instance, wine is divided into Old World and New World based on the location its grapes are grown; similarly coffee is often grouped by growth areas of the world and the corresponding flavor profile of each.

This article even offers suggestions for coffees to try based on the type of wine you love.    My coffee knowledge is more extensive than my wine knowledge- so I am planning on using this guide to help shape my next wine selection.

Do you think wine and coffee are similar?  Do you use your knowledge of one to guide your choices in the other?   TELL US in the comments!


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