Back-to-School Supplies for Moms

Sep 12, 2011

Moms Also Need Their Own Back to School Supplies What are yours? 

After Labor Day, back to school marks the unofficial season of new beginnings and new opportunities for moms everywhere. For many moms, back to school is a time where women regroup, take stock about the things they want to accomplish. It also represents a true chance to get their life back or even find a new path.

So, where do you start?

Rise and shine: After getting a full 7-8 hours of sleep, rise a half hour or full hour if you can manage. This will allow you me time to put things into perspective, make a list of the things you want to do for the day or change in your life for that matter! Its your time, go for it! Best tip, spend 10 minutes before you even get out of bed to set yourself up for the day. Dont just jump out of bed the minute you wake up. Instead, take a moment to be, think about the day ahead, put your thoughts in order, and lastly give thanks for everything you have in your life.

Make yourself the best cup of coffee of your life: Everyone by now has heard about single serve coffee machines, but not everyone understands or believes these machines can make great coffee. Back to school for moms mean they can enjoy their coffee how and when they want it and dont have to hear their children asking for this or that. It is all about me time and BUNNs My Caf brings that message home. My Caf makes the perfect cup of coffee in under a minute and you can choose from a large variety of coffee pods, which by the way are great for the environment! Best tip, My Caf has a cool pulse feature where you can customize your coffee strength. Again, how you like it, when you want it. Visit

Self-care: As moms, you are so busy taking care of everyone else " your significant other, your kids, pets and so on. It is time you focus on your self and how you care for YOU. Youve heard the saying, your body is your temple and you must treat it right. Aim to get a full eight hours of sleep (or as much as you personally need) is a great start, as well as eating nutritious (organic if possible) food, exercising daily and speaking kindly to yourself. No time to exercise you say? How about a half-hour walk while listening to notes youve dictated to yourself on your Ipod during the extra time that youve allowed for yourself in the morning before the kids mania begins? Or try an exercise DVD like P90X or a favorite yoga routine so you dont have to make the trip to the gym? No excuses!

Girlfriend time: We all know how important our girlfriend time is, but why do we have such a hard time making time for the most important people in our lives? We receive invites all the time, but have a hard time making commitments. The kids will be fine. Theyll survive a night on their own with dad or a babysitter. Best tip, schedule a monthly get together with girlfriends and try a new restaurant every other time. Make dinner at a girlfriends home during the other weeks. Go out, enjoy those girlfriends, catch up and support each others next chapter!

Dinnertime: How often do you hear, Whats for dinner? The old stand-bys seem boring even if they are your best, favorite family meals! One of the best tricks Ive heard was to make one new meal a week. The Fall is the best time as there are so many great recipes to try from pulled pork sandwiches to chicken corn chowder! Soups and stews are the best since they will keep for days and are easy to reheat after the 3rd soccer practice youve been to in one day! Best tip, gather a few girlfriends once a month and make 3-4 new dishes in one night! You can have great quality time, learn new meals and have dishes for the next 10 days! Voila!

Declutter: As with anything, getting rid of clutter can be made incredibly simple: just go through your stuff, one section, closet, drawer, or shelf at a time, and get rid of everything that isnt absolutely essential. Take all your items that you are unsure about getting rid of (i.e. I might need this someday), put them in a box, seal it and date it for 1 year in the future. When the date comes, and you still didnt need to open it to get anything, donate the box WITHOUT OPENING IT. Best tip, declutter for 15 minutes every day and donate anything you get rid of to your favorite charity or Goodwill!

Quiet time: One of the first things we tend to sacrifice as a mom is our personal time and space. We devote all of our energy and attention to caring for others, multi-tasking, meeting responsibilities and "being productive." Over time this depletes our energy and we begin to feel like a child and our inner voice says What about me? Burn-out and frustration is imminent. Taking, and quite frankly, demanding quiet time for you is CRUCIAL post Labor Day. It isnt the easiest to do and trust me, there will be times when you have to say no, thanks anyway for the invite. This is powerful because you are in control of YOU and your happiness. Best tip, take a few minutes spent sitting quietly in meditation, or for those who cant fathom meditation, sit on a bench, do some dreaming and people watching. Soaking in a hot bath, reading a fun novel and lastly writing yourself a letter can do wonders for your soul. Be good to yourself.

Flexibility: Get rid of the words should and assume. I should have done this, or I assume youll do that. Make things happen as you can. My favorite saying is Life happens as you live it. Everyone has a mental picture of how they want their life to be, right? We all do, that is perfectly fine to dream about how our lives "should be", but the problem is we get really annoyed when our outer circumstances don't cooperate! One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself is a flexible and free state of mind. Learn how to detach from unrealistic expectations and go with the flow in life. If youre a perfectionist, you need to let go all of the notions you have of what you have to do to be perfect. Remember what you tell your kids, nobody is perfect including you.

Take a chance, whats next: When your life seems out of control and you've got endless demands tugging at you from all directions, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, fatigued - and just plain stressed! But wait, the kids are back at school, and you have time to be, just be. Taking a chance to try something new can be very stressful, but there are ways to help you figure it out, temper your stress or even put your life back into balance again. The point is that you matter and you can have the life that youve always wanted. Bringing drive, new focus or much needed balance back into your life does not require massive changes, but it does require you to DO something. You don't have to completely abandon your daily routine or escape to a remote island in order to find out whats next or important in your life. Taking changes or finding true balance is something that starts WITHIN YOU, no matter what else is happening in your life circumstances.

You can get there.


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