Beauty tips with coffee grounds

Sep 28, 2011|

Each year millions of dollars are spent on beauty products, but what if I told you that there is an ingredient in your kitchen that could be added to your beauty regiment.  Let me introduce beauty tips that use coffee!  Thats right, coffee is no longer just for drinking.   Coffee is being used in a wide variety of beauty products.  From reducing cellulite[5], to adding shine to hair, so many beauty treatments are capitalizing on the positive effects of coffee.  We have compiled a list of do it yourself home beauty treatments that incorporate coffee.   So before you toss away those used coffee grounds today, consider adding them to your beauty care regiment. 

P.S.- Gentlemen these tips do not just apply to women!


Use coffee grounds to perk up your face
The caffeine in coffee can help a droopy face perk up.  Plus, coffee acts as a great exfoliant rubbing away dead skin cells.  We found quite a few facial masks that use coffee, however here is one to try at home!

Coffee and Egg White Face mask
How it works: Mix coffee grounds with 1 egg white.  Spread mixture over your face.  Allow the mixture to dry on your face.  (It should become dry and flaky.) Rub the mask off and rinse face thoroughly. Volia!  A tightened and soft face! [5,7]

Using coffee to reduce cellulite
The caffeine in coffee can enhance the metabolism[6] and is easily absorbed when applied to the skin.  Plus coffee is a diuretic so it removes some of the fluid out the fat beneath the skin which you guessed it can help reduce the appearance of cellulite![4.6] Below are a few tricks of the trade for this beauty treatment.

Coffee Grind Scrub
How it works:  Combine 1/2 cup coffee grinds with 1/4 cup brown sugar. Place olive oil over areas of cellulite and then rub the mix into skin in a circular motion. Scrub for 5 minutes to exfoliate.[6]

Use coffee to nourish your hair
Coffee can add shine to hair and even enhance color if you are a brunette.[2,4]  Warning:  If you have light hair(blond or red) refrain from these treatments as the coffee may stain light hair. [4] These treatments are recommended for individuals with brown or black hair.

Coffee grounds in the shower
How it works:  Work used coffee grounds into your hair while in the shower.  Distribute evenly and rinse
. [2]

Espresso hair treatment from EZ Article
How it works: Allow a strong shot of espresso to cool to room temperature.   Once cooled apply the espresso shot to dry hair,  Leave the espresso on hair for 15 minutes  and then rinse well.  This will give much needed shine to dark hair and boost the silkiness. [3]

Deodorize with coffee grounds
The aroma in coffee can help remove unpleasant smells from foods like onions.

How it works:  To remove unpleasant smells simply rub used coffee grounds on your hands like you are rubbing your hands with soap.  Rinse.  The result no more unpleasant smells. [3,4,5]

Exfoliate away dead skin cells with coffee
Use a coffee exfoliant to rub away dead skin cells.

How it works: Take cooled used coffee grounds and mix with a little bit of olive oil. (Or you can use coconut or sunflower oil).    Rub the mixture in circular motion on rough patches.  Rinse and reveal softer, smoother skin. [1,4]




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