Changes coming to BUNN Facebook!

Jun 20, 2011|

We are excited to announce that changes are coming to the BUNN Facebook community. 

What kind of changes?  Well, we are giving it a little makeover to provide an even better way to connect with us and everyone else in the BUNN Community.

You can expect not one but two BUNN Facebook pages.  Yes, two separate pages.   The current BUNN Facebook page will be solely dedicated to connecting and conversing with our customers who use BUNN products in their home.  A new BUNN Commercial Facebook page will be dedicated to engaging with our commercial equipment customers.   Both pages will still uphold our passion for conversation about Quality in the Cup.

The changes also mean there will be two individuals to assist in keeping the pages as current as possible, Nichole DuPont and Brandi Cooke.   

You will primarily find Nichole on the BUNN Commercial page and Brandi on the BUNN Facebook page.  They will occasionally contribute to the conversation on both pages as well.

The new pages for our Facebook community will be revealed tomorrow on June 21.   In the meantime be sure to LIKE us and let us know what you want to see on the new Facebook pages and how BUNN fits into your life.  Please join the conversation and send us your pictures, stories, and comments!  We look forward to hearing from you. 

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