Coffee and Ice Cream

Jul 18, 2011|

Many individuals are fanatics about their coffee, but I am sure there are individuals just as passionate about the frozen sweet treat we call ice cream.  In fact, there is a whole day dedicated to ice cream.  Yesterday, July 17, was National Ice Cream Day and the whole month of July is National Ice Cream Month!   So we got to thinking if you love coffee and ice cream, why not combine the two for a tasty treat?   You could try one of the many coffee flavored ice creams that are available on the market, or you could make your very own coffee ice cream concoction.  We brainstormed some coffee add ins that we think would be scrumptious added to any ice cream.

Coffee ingredients to try with your favorite ice cream:

  • Strong brewed cold coffee
  • Coffee flavored syrup
  • Coffee cookies, crushed
  • Chocolate covered espresso beans
  • Ground espresso beans (Fine ground and coarse ground)
  • Coffee flavored hard candy, crushed
  • Coffee jelly
  • Coffee flavored jelly beans

What other coffee ingredients do you think would be yummy to add to ice cream? 
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