Coffee, Chocolate and Wine- Together in one drink!

Feb 13, 2014|

Blog Post and recipe courtesy of Sherri Johns

Coffee martinis are simple and delicious, but how about this one with a little more complexity and romance!

  This is a drink you can curl up with along with your Valentine.  It's called the Lover's Drink.  I call it lovers drink because it has three of my most favorite ingredients: Coffee, Wine and Chocolate.

  Silky, creamy body, high notes of tannins and ripe cherry fruit followed by deep complexity of chocolate with a finish of coffee characterize this drink.



  • Cabernet Wine
  • Chocolate
  • Strong coffee or espresso


 1. To begin, take 2 oz. of your favorite Cabernet and 2 oz. of your favorite Chocolate and gently melt in double boiler, or on low flame.  (TIP: Dark Chocolate adds complexity and depth. If you prefer a sweeter drink use milk chocolate.)  

2. Pour mixture in equal amounts through a heated metal strainer into two heated brandy snifters. Be careful not to splash.

3. Add a perfectly prepared 1 oz., strong coffee, or espresso to each glass.(TIP: Different coffees add a variety of flavor profiles, try them all!)

4. Gently swirl glasses until coffee, wine and chocolate are blended.

5. Serve and enjoy the sensation of three complimentary flavors harmonized.


 Happy Valentine's Day!



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