Coffee Filter Flowers

May 9, 2012|

Mother's Day is right around the corner.   It's time to pick out that perfect Mother's Day gift; a gift that will express how much you appreciate and adore her.  I'm not sure if it is the spring season, or the desire to give Mom something beautiful, but the gift of flowers is a gift welcomed by thousands of mothers around the world on this holiday.   Potted plants and fresh flowers are go-to staples, but if you want to give Mom a very special, floral arrangement then consider Coffee Filter Flowers.   Coffee Filter Flowers give you the opportunity to create one of kind, beautiful flowers that will not wilt and that Mom can keep year round.  Plus, these flowers will be created by you, and let's face it Mom has always loved showing off your artwork since you were little.

If you're planning a Mother's Day bunch these flowers would make great centerpieces and compliment your Coffee Champagne cocktail you will be serving!




Materials needed:

  • 1 box BUNN Coffee Filters
  • Food coloring- Assortment of colors
  • Bowl(s)
  • Scissors
  • Pipe Cleaners or  Drinking straws
  • Floral Tape or Masking Tape


Directions for making Coffee Filter Flowers:

  1. In the bowl, mix food coloring and water for the desired color you wish to dye your flowers. (We suggest doing multiple colors to make a colorful bouquet.)
  2. Next place filters in the food coloring and water mixture.
  3. Allow the filters to soak in the mixture.  The longer you let them soak the darker the color you will achieve.
  4. Remove filters from the water.
  5. Remove excess water and dye by gentling squeezing. 
  6. Lay filters flat.  Allow the filters to completely dry.
  7. After the filters are completely dry, stack the different colors of to achieve the desired color combination you wish to have in a flower.
  8. Fold and cut the ends of the dyed filters into the shape you desire.
  9. Next, pinch the centers of the coffee filters in the middle of the flat bottom between your index finger and thumb.  While pinching the middle of the filter, begin to fold all sides of the filter up until they all meet each together.   The area of the filter you are pinching will become a point. 
  10.   Attach the pointed edge of the filters to a pipe cleaner or drinking straw using floral tape or masking tape. You've created a Coffee Filter Flower!
  11. Repeat this process to create a bouquet of flowers.
  12. For an extra touch, fill a clear vase with coffee beans and stick the Coffee Filter Flowers into the vase.


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