Coffee Inspired Wedding Decorations

Jun 22, 2012|

Summer months not only signify iced drinks, warm temperatures, pool parties and barbeques, but it also marks a time of the year when thousands of couple across the United States will take a stroll down the aisle.    
Weddings can be costly with the average price of a wedding in the United States costing  about $27,000!  That's why we compiled this list of beautiful coffee inspired decorations that can be used  for the big day. 

If you are a bride on a budget, or just want to add some unique style , check out this easy to make coffee inspired decorations.  


Elegant Twig and Coffee Centerpieces
By: Brittney Viets

Materials Needed:

  • Branches
  • Assorted glass vases
  • Coffee beans
  • Heavy duty wire (Approx 14-16 gauge wire)
  • Small glass tea light holders
  • Tea light candles or small battery operated tea light candles


  1. Pick  out a bundle of sturdy branches.   Branches can be purchased at a craft stores or pick some out of your yard and leave original bark, spray paint white, or even add glitter to the wet paint.  Allow to dry.
  2. Next fill any size glass vase with whole coffee beans. Optional: Mix in some fresh ground coffee for the aroma.
  3. Arrange branches in the vase so some are shorter while others are taller once sitting down in the coffee beans. Add more coffee beans if needed to keep branches in place.
  4. Use a heavy duty wire, approximately 14-16 gauge wire to wrap around the base of  a small glass tea light candle holder.  Note: Use a glass tea light holder that has a little overhang to it so the wire has something the sit underneath so it doesn't slide off of the holder.
  5. Then, wrap the wire around a section of a branch so the tea light holder hangs down a few inches from the branch.  Hang between 6-8 tea lights holders for each centerpiece.
  6. Fill the tea light holders with small tea light candles or battery candles to last all night without the hassle of re-lighting.
  7. Feel free to add more ground coffee or coffee beans in the tea light holder to hide the battery candle or for a real candle to sit on top of.

Coffee Filter Puff Balls
By: Erin McQ


Materials Needed:

  • Coffee filters. Each puff requires about 50 individual filters.
  • Wiffle softballs or wiffle baseballs for smaller puffs.
  • Thin ribbon, twine or string.
  • Glue gun with lots of glue sticks
  • Optional: craft or watercolor paint and water.
  1. (If you want white puffs, skip this.)
    If you want colored puffs, dilute your paint. For bright colored edges on the puffs, brush the color on the edges of a stack of filters. For a full wash, like the pink one in the photograph photo, put the diluted paint in a large pan and just dunk the filters in, ruffled side down, whole stacks at a time. Water color works much better for a wash of color, and craft paint makes bolder edging colors.
  2. WAIT. The dyed filters take forever to dry, but don't give in to impatience and try to work with them while they're still damp. You'll end up with sad floppy puffs and not happy crisp puffs. The full-wash dyed ones may need some support while they dry to maintain their ridges --- put wet filters in mixing bowls to hold them up while they dried.
  3. Tie a loop of ribbon through each wiffle ball, thusly:
  4. Take two coffee filters at a time and make them into cone-shaped twists:
  5. Put a circle of hot glue around a wiffle-hole. Insert a filter twist; gently screw it in as far as it will go. Then secure it with a couple additional dabs of glue.
  6. Repeat Step 5 until you have filled all the wiffle-holes. Gently pull apart the coffee filters to cover any gaps, and you're done! The finished puff will be 8-10 inches across.

Coffee Filter Flowers

By Jodi McClure

Last month we showed you how to make a bouquet of coffee filter flowers to give mom for Mother's Day.  However these beautiful flowers will make great centerpieces.   For full directions visit our Coffee Filter Flowers post. 


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